Monday, May 10, 2010

Would Banning Anonymous comments Reduce Cyber bullying?

Lots of people cyber bully,sometimes even without knowing, cyber bullies mostly fall in the teenage category people who do it to have a laugh or with the intention of doing real damage.Different forms of internet communication like e-mail,instant messaging and chat rooms could be used to cyber bully,it may be in the form of threats,reviling humiliating information and material or spreading rumors about a person.People blame the anonymous nature of the internet for this act because the perpetrators usually hide their identity in order to be safe and not to get caught.It has been considered by some government officials to introduce laws that would ban anonymous comments and all users must provide and verify their true identity,but there are other people who are anonymous or use fake names to secure their privacy and for other fair reasons but not for negative reasons and although banning anonymous comments may reduce cyber bullying i think it would be wrong to make such laws that would affect the not guilty people instead more work should be done in schools and at home by parents to increase awareness and the effects of cyber bullying.For more information visit

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