Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Should You Worry About Cellphone,Cellular Antenna and WI-FI Device Radiation?

Cellphone,cellular antenna and WI-FI device radiation is a big concern to me and lots of other people because radiation is dangerous and exposure to it can lead to health problems and rear illnesses.Most people don't show concern or are not aware of radiation illnesses because it has an unsuspecting longterm effect and so they do not minimize the use of cellphones or other radioactive devices.I think the government should consider health issues and effects when making decisions about wireless developments and the placement of WI-FI antennas because when this concerns are ignored it may lead to radiation illnesses.Also living next to a cellular antenna is a dangerous thing to me and i would not advice anyone to do so it is a risky thing to live next to an endless flow of radioactive waves that can damage body cells and eventually lead to illnesses or worse.Visit http://www.flyingsnail.com/CASHCPR/index.html for further information .

Should The World Become a Cashless Society?

I do not think the world should become a cashless society,some people are certain that it would bring lots of positive change like reducing robberies,muggings and solve tax related problems but making the world cashless would mean introducing an alternative which is most likely a smart card and a smart card would not solve robberies and muggings because cash is not the only thing that could get stolen.Half of the worlds population work one way or the other for a living and not everyone can afford a bank account to use a smart card.Some poor countries in the world are filled with petty traders,fishermen and small business owners who barely make enough money to feed and a cashless world would make things worse.Using a smart card or biometric technology instead of cash for all my transactions would be comfortable because i do not have to carry cash around all the time and it will reduce the chances of my money getting stolen but being cashless means certain things like helping poor people begging on the streets for money would be impossible because they are too poor to afford a bank account.Also due to fraud,internet theft and scams smart cards are not 100% safe.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Would Banning Anonymous comments Reduce Cyber bullying?

Lots of people cyber bully,sometimes even without knowing, cyber bullies mostly fall in the teenage category people who do it to have a laugh or with the intention of doing real damage.Different forms of internet communication like e-mail,instant messaging and chat rooms could be used to cyber bully,it may be in the form of threats,reviling humiliating information and material or spreading rumors about a person.People blame the anonymous nature of the internet for this act because the perpetrators usually hide their identity in order to be safe and not to get caught.It has been considered by some government officials to introduce laws that would ban anonymous comments and all users must provide and verify their true identity,but there are other people who are anonymous or use fake names to secure their privacy and for other fair reasons but not for negative reasons and although banning anonymous comments may reduce cyber bullying i think it would be wrong to make such laws that would affect the not guilty people instead more work should be done in schools and at home by parents to increase awareness and the effects of cyber bullying.For more information visit http://stopcyberbullying.org/

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What Should Be Done About Identity Theft?

Identity theft is becoming more and more practiced in our modern age society, scam artists manipulate victims by sending official looking e-mail messages requesting for credit card numbers, banking details or other personal information,this is known as phishing,this information is used for illegal acts and fraud.identity theft can be reduced or even stopped by taking certain precautions like been more careful and alert when giving out personal information especially online.also having a credit card monitoring service to track transactions made from your credit card is a good step.I think the government should be responsible for protecting the public against identity theft and improve privacy laws also more punishment (increased jail time) should be issued especially to foreign scam artists,on the other hand credit card companies should provide monitoring service to all costumers to avoid taking the blame.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Name: Prince Enekwe

Secondary school: Bicdos International

Tertiary school: Monash South Africa

Hobby: Basket Ball, Making Music

Date of Birth: 16th of October

Occupation: Student at Monash
I will be posting a series of blogs about different subjects on Ethics and Issues surrounding us today and i hope to spread awareness and information about the different subjects.Blogging has provided me with a convenient way to share information with the world and friends,everyone is invited to leave comments and express their feelings on any post.Enjoy